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Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software improving product design & development


By leveraging our unique, inherently transient Lattice Boltzmann-based physics PowerFLOW® CFD solution performs simulations that accurately predict real world conditions.

Using the PowerFLOW suite, engineers evaluate product performance early in the design process prior to any prototype being built — when the impact of change is most significant for design and budgets.

PowerFLOW imports fully complex model geometry and accurately and efficiently performs aerodynamic, aeroacoustic and thermal management simulations.


  • High fidelity transient Lattice Boltzmann based solution, accurate across most flow regimes (laminar to transonic) to solve the most complex CFD design problems in Transportation & Mobility and Aerospace & Defense
  • Automated domain discretization and turbulence modeling with wall treatment eliminates the need for manual volume meshing and boundary layer meshing
  • Confidently run PowerFLOW simulations using large number of compute cores on common High Performance Computing (HPC) platforms
  • Utilize moving geometries and Local Reference Frames (LRF), particle modeling, heat exchanger modeling, porous media with flow, thermal and acoustic effects; Realistic Wind for on-road turbulent wind conditions to simulate real world effects
  • Simulate conjugate heat transfer problems with surface and volume conduction, thermal radiation and human thermal comfort using built-in variable interval coupling with PowerTHERM
  • Simulate effect of multiple heat exchangers for underhood cooling using coupled PowerCOOL
  • Use standardized Application Templates to automate pre & post processing for common applications and customize for specific engineering environments
  • Create and import geometry, define initial & boundary conditions and choose measurements to record during simulation with this application. The intuitive, fast interface application provides an entirely automated fluid grid generation solution
  • PowerFLOW can simulate true roating geometry to optimize performance and noise in systems, such as: wheel aerodynamics, brakes, HVAC systems, cooling fans and more
  • PowerFLOW suite has the ability to seamlessly integrate PowerTHERM surface termperature & heat fluxes technologies PowerACOUSTICS aeroacousitc noise technologies to existing simulated designs
  • The digital wind tunnel model includes static and moving ground plane modeling and boundary layer suction point to match that of real-life experimental wind tunnels
  • Upon simulation completion, PowerVIZ analyses results quickly and PowerINSIGHT automates results analysis
  • Once a surface mesh model is prepared, the same model may be used to perform additional simulations. Setup, grid generation, simulation and results analysis can be performed in less than a day

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