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CST Studio Suite training courses can be found under SIMULIA courses.

Abaqus and related products training courses can be found under SIMULIA courses.


Inceptra Training

Hands on, measurable training programs

Our curriculum is designed to replicate real-world workplace situations. Our research shows that this approach enables students to transfer the knowledge and insight they’ve learned to their own PLM environments. The result, elevated performance and empowered individuals.

Inceptra training courses are taught by industry experienced, subject matter experts. Their focus – to empower people with the knowledge they need to succeed. We believe in providing students with an understanding of the power of a software’s capabilities, hands-on experience, and insight into a cumulative Inceptra Best Practices Knowledgebase.


Advanced training

Inceptra Advanced Training programs provide intelligent, insightful instruction. Fully customizable to your needs, the curriculum is built upon expertise and decades of real world experience.


Choose experienced, highly competent instructors

Inceptra instructors are Dassault Systèmes certified and have a high level of industry and product development experience.

Inceptra is the only North American Dassault Systèmes Education Partner to be Gold Certified for 9 consecutive years.


Choose a strategy that works best for you

Inceptra Training Strategies offer a variety of options:

  • In-center and onsite training classes
  • Effective virtual class delivery – Live Remote Learning
  • User assessments to direct learning
  • Blended learning options to fit your organization


Customize your training solution

Contact a Training Advisor to arrange a solution that works best for you.

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Industry experienced, subject matter experts provide students with hands-on experience, insight into a cumulative Inceptra ® Best Practices Knowledgebase.

Onsite Instructor-Led

Instructor-Led training is the ideal blend of classroom lectures, personal demonstrations, hands-on workshops, student assessments and post-class continuous learning. Our instructors are Dassault Systèmes Certified professionals with a high level of industry experience.

Live Remote Learning

Live Remote Learning is much like traditional instructor-led classes, except the instructor and students can be in different locations. Students connect to the virtual classroom via a web browser and interact as they would in a traditional classroom. Live discussions with instructors, watch demonstrations, receive lab instructions, receive “over the shoulder” and remote control assistance. Added to this is:

  • After hours and split shift schedules
  • Post training access to self paced e-learning materials
  • After hours access to workstation & exercises

Learn more about Live Remote Training:

Live Remote Training



Custom Training

To achieve your organization’s specific goals, Custom Training is designed by assessing current skill levels, identifying your desired competencies and making sure it’s delivered via your training preferences.

Custom Curriculum

Inceptra Custom Curriculum programs utilize a blend of instructors, assessments, eLearning libraries, and Inceptra mentoring practices.

Self-Paced eLearning

eLearning libraries provide you with 24/7 access to a comprehensive library of Dassault Systèmes training curriculum. The indexed and searchable library provides you with the ability to learn specific skills on-demand, or to plan ahead and master an entire course at your own pace.

Over 1,400 online searchable courses packed into CATIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA and SIMULIA domains.

  • Find an immediate answer to questions with full-text search capabilities
  • Reinforce and compliment the skills obtained from live instructor training
  • One Year, 24/7 access to Courseware, Exercises and Tests

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Blended Learning

A Blended Learning approach of live instructor training followed by self-paced online learning can more effectively reinforce newly acquired CATIA skills. Students utilize online learning to quickly locate and review specific topics using full-text searching. CATIA skills can also be extended by accessing advanced topics from the extensive library included in the Mechanical Design package. All of this provided with immediate online courseware access, whenever and wherever, 24/7.

Corporate Learning Programs

Corporate Learning Programs are customized to your organization’s specific goals, current skill level, desired competencies and training preferences utilizing a blend of instructors, assessments, eLearning libraries, and Inceptra mentoring practices.

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