Choosing the right CATIA training provider

The good news is that there are many options available for CATIA training.  The difficulty comes in evaluating these many options and choosing which company to entrust with one of your organization’s most important resources:  the time, skills development, and knowledge level of your valuable personnel using CATIA.


After many years of providing high quality CATIA training to some of the best and largest organizations using CATIA in North America, Inceptra has developed an overall CATIA training offering second to none.  Leveraging our strategic partnership with Dassault Systemes, we have diligently worked in the following areas to constantly improve and enhance our industry leading CATIA training product:


  • Expert CATIA Instructors (Dassault Systemes Certified with real world experience) – Providing experienced, highly competent instructors is a fundamental part of any successful CATIA training program.  Inceptra has built a first class team of CATIA instructors who have a powerful balance of teaching ability, combined with real-world experience.  It goes without saying that our instructors are CATIA certified and are constantly upgrading their skills and knowledge, as new revisions and modules of CATIA are released.
  • Innovative CATIA Training Techniques – Inceptra is on the leading edge of developing innovative training techniques and training delivery vehicles, that both enrich the students’ training experience and retention, as well as making CATIA training more accessible, convenient and cost effective.   One example of this innovation is Live Remote Learning.  This CATIA training option allows a student to access a live training class, via the web, from the comfort of his/her computer, anywhere in the world with internet access.  The technical pieces of this capability are well-known.  The innovation comes from how we deliver high level CATIA training in this format.  Live Remote Learning FAQs
  • CATIA Training Centers, Coast to Coast – We have strategically positioned our CATIA training centers in key locations around North America.  Our goal has been to locate our training centers close to the major CATIA usage areas in the U.S. and Canada.  We can also bring our CATIA training closer to you with our “Mobile Classrooms”, as well as bringing CATIA training right to a student’s desk or home office via Live Remote Learning (explained above).  A final benefit to this wide ranging presence is the ability to deliver a consistent level of CATIA training to companies that have personnel in multiple locations around North America.
  • The Full Spectrum of CATIA Training – Across the breadth of the CATIA suite of products, Inceptra offers courses that intelligently cover the major components and levels of CATIA training.  The following is a list of CATIA courses we are currently offering (please click on the links for a Course Description):



CATIA V5 Fundamentals

CATIA V5 Fundamentals for Managers & Non-Designers

CATIA V5 Generative Drafting (GDRA)

CATIA V5 Advanced Part & Assembly

CATIA V5 Surface Design (Advanced)

CATIA V5 NC Manufacturing

3DVIA Composer Essentials

CATIA V5 Functional Tol. and Annotation

CATIA V5 Reverse Engineering (QSR, DSS, DSE, RSO)

CATIA V5 Composites Design & Manufacturing

CATIA V5 Generative Structural Analysis

CATIA V5 Knowledge-Based Engineering

CATIA V5 Visual Basic Automation

CATIA V5 Administration

Q-Checker End User Training


  • In addition to CATIA V5 and CATIA V6 courses, we offer ENOVIA and SmarTeam courses including ENOVIA V6 Getting Started & SmartTeam Basic & Advanced Admin. We also offer the SIMULIA class Introduction to Abaqus.


Inceptra’s CATIA Training – putting it all together

We do not consider the above factors as separate, individual features of a CATIA training program.  Inceptra’s approach is to make each element work together to deliver a superior CATIA training experience to our students.  What good is a great CATIA instructor without providing him or her with high-end teaching tools and innovative course delivery options?  What good is a high tech, flashy training center without a strong instructor who can leverage real world experience in answering students’ questions?

We invite you to review our current CATIA Training Schedule and Course Descriptions to begin choosing your Inceptra CATIA training classes. Or, if you have any questions, please contact our training department using the contact options below.

We look forward to seeing you, and/or other CATIA users in your company, in one of our training classes soon.