Function Driven Generative Design

Need to Lightweight your Products Quickly and Efficiently?

Learn about lightweight technology and simulation methods essential to efficiently drive lightweight optimized product design. Evaluate more concepts and quickly get to designs for reduced energy and material requirements.

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Dassault Systemes Structural Professional Engineer

Assess Product Performance as You Design It

Product engineers can now access easy-to-use structural simulation software to virtually assess the performance of products during the Design Engineering process to guide design decisions early in the development cycle.

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The Benefits of 3D Plant Layouts & Factory Flow

Looking to improve the error-prone process of using 2D drawings to design and validate plant layouts, or to define and simulate production flow of a station, line, or complete plant? Discover what 3D plant and process design software can do.

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DELMIA – Virtual Build

Manufacturing engineers and assembly planners working in the 3DEXPERIENCE environment now have the ability to study new product designs and their associated assembly processes using DELMIA’s Virtual Build solution.

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Composites Analysis in Abaqus

Learn the available methods to model composite laminates in Abaqus. Depending on the type of composite being modeled, material data available and boundary conditions, you can select the best approach.

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Beyond the Internet of Things

Participants in the Internet of Things (IoT) tend to focus on individual smart devices, but the Internet of Experiences aims higher, concentrating on what becomes possible when smart devices work together to create experiences.

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