Smart Diagnostic Utility


ENOVIA SmarTeam allows organizations to manage product data and processes among multi-CAD projects with ease. However, keeping an eye on the system for common types of problems can be time-consuming and require knowledge, skillsets, and time your IT staff may not possess.
Smart Diagnostic Utility from INCEPTRA provides an out-of-the-box, turnkey solution to monitor the various aspects of your SmarTeam architecture, and proactively notify via e-mail if any issues arise. For critical issues, Inceptra Support can be copied so that our Help Desk can help you troubleshoot. No longer are admins tethered to Remote Desktop screens, checking several times a day to ensure systems are still running. Notifications are immediately sent in the event of a failure, or if configurable warning criteria are met.


Product Description

Smart Diagnostic Utility runs as a Windows service, from any Windows machine with database connectivity. In the event of an issue, e-mail is sent via SMTP to a list of administrator accounts. The following tasks can be configured and run on a configurable schedule:

  • Removal of accumulated Temp files keeps disk usage from growing out of control
  • Integrity checks for common database issues allow admins to address issues before impacting Production
  • Vault Integrity checks for missing or orphaned files (works with Multisite and Multivault)
  • Multisite Replication monitoring allows admins to address issues before impacting Production
  • Service Monitoring checks to ensure critical Windows services are running
  • File Monitor checks the age of log files


Key Features

  • Easy, flexible configuration
  • Can run multiple checks simultaneously
  • Scheduled jobs run hourly; admins configure at which hours on which days to run
  • Utilizes direct database connection, no SmarTeam license required
  • Core Plug-In functionality included with product
  • Custom Plug-Ins can be developed using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET


Flexible Configuration

  • The configuration file determines which Plug-In to run, on which days, at which hours.
  • Each job can specify its own settings file, so that the same Plug-In can be run at different times for different kinds of checks



  • Write your own custom Plug-Ins with Visual Studio
  • Database connection, timing, logging, and e-mail notification infrastructure are provided by the Smart Diagnostic service


System Requirements

  • Works with any version of SmarTeam
  • Database Client required (Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server, or Oracle Provider for OLE DB)



  • SmarTeam Single Site or Multisite license


Consulting Services

Inceptra also provides a full range of Consulting Services for companies who are new to or expanding their ENOVIA SmarTeam environment.

  • QuickStart Implementation
  • New Module Deployment
  • Customization
  • Support and Help Desk

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