Far beyond traditional 3D CAD software tools

CATIA is Dassault Systèmes’ pioneer brand. It is the world’s leading solution for product design and innovation.



CATIA PLM Express Base Configuration

Designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses, CATIA PLM Express is mapped to industry and job-related needs enabling companies to easily take the first steps toward achieving business transformation. Rapidly and easily define the solution that matches your business needs and immediately reduce deployment time and improve return on investment-critical efficiencies for all businesses, regardless of industry.

CAT – CATIA PLM Express, including Smarteam
CAT3DX – CATIA PLM Express, including ENOVIA V6


Catia V5 Fundamentals Training Course

Mechanical Design

Utilize a powerful spec-driven modeling approach to create any type of mechanical shape, promoting concurrent engineering between styling and mechanical shape design. Ultra-fast functional modeling adds to dramatic time savings and ensures that products are designed right the first time.


Work concurrently on style and engineering or perform simulation of a product’s appearance for quick style validation. Quickly capture physical prototype shapes and utilize integrated styling process to quickly launch new ideas into the marketplace.

Review and Optimization

Optimize product packaging, strength, and ergonomics while performing more complete product assessments earlier in the design process. Make quick and efficient decisions with advanced collaborative reviews—driving to ultimate product optimization.

Equipment and Systems Engineering

Easily define equipment and visualize a complete virtual product, reflecting both mechanical components and other systems such as fluid and electrical. Experience realistic simulation in an integrated environment to reduce design time and increase the quality of large scale systems.

Layout Engineer

Leverage integrated 2D/3D technologies to achieve easy and rapid iterations-drive toward conceptual design while concurrently activating detailed design. Generate templates to capture optimized design methodologies and enable re-use, design agility, and, ultimately, productivity.


CATIA PLM Express offers an easy-to-use and innovative NC programming and machining simulation solution, fully immersed within the design environment. Significantly reduce overall manufacturing process time while ensuring maximum product quality and efficiency.