Process Catalogs for Quoting

Achieve accurate quoting quickly and easily

Quoting machined parts has quickly become a very competitive process.  Many companies will receive a bid package of numerous parts and usually have a very short amount of time to quote them.


Streamline your quoting process

Easy for non CAD users

Inceptra Process Catalogs provide you with an easy to use, out of the box solution. The catalogs enable you to streamline the time spent accurately quoting machine runtimes for parts.  These process catalogs are intelligently developed for even non CAM individuals to use.


All the machining operations you need

The Inceptra Process Catalogs for Quoting have been developed for use on Aluminum material with a max machine spindle of 8000 rpm.  You will have all of the machining operations necessary to fully program a part and calculate the overall machine runtime.


Prismatic, Surfaced, and 5 Axis parts

Four different process catalogs provide you with the necessary flexibility to address the programming of Prismatic, Surfaced, and 5 Axis parts.  These catalogs can easily be modified to reflect your machining specifics.  Additional catalogs can be created from these existing catalogs to minimize development time.  It’s as easy as copy/paste and modify settings.


Key Features

  • Supports CATIA V5 Parts and Imported STEP Files
  • Easily modifiable
  • Prismatic Catalog recognizes over 80 different axial features.  Standard hole sizes, toleranced reamed holes, tapped holes, counterbored holes, contersunk holes, complex pockets, with integrated rework operations on pockets.
  • SMG Aluminum Catalog is uniquely developed to machine either small or large part geometries with rework operations included.
  • 3Xand5X Catalog has a number of key 3 and 5 axis operations defined for use on part programs.  Flank Contouring, 5 Axis Curve Machining, internal and external contouring cuts, machining external rib corners, internal rib radii etc..  These operations can be added as needed to address additional part geometries to complete a program.


System Requirements

  • CATIA NC Machining licenses already installed
  • CATIA V5 R21, V5-6R2012, V5-6R2013
  • Windows 7


Inceptra Consulting Services

Inceptra provides a full range of Consulting Services for companies who are beginning to work with Process Catalogs and using V5 CATIA for Quoting purposes.  Our consulting services coupled with the developed Process Catalogs minimize the time needed to implement.

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