Inceptra and Dassault Systemes present – 3DEXPERIENCE® Creative Designer, Subdivision Surface Modeling in The Context of Automotive Seat Design


We invite you to an exclusive session on 3DEXPERIENCE® Creative Designer, featuring CATIA Imagine and Shape. The primary focus will be on Imagine and Shape subdivision surface modeling, a powerful tool for CATIA surface designers and engineers.


Inceptra and Dassault Systemes present – 3DX Creative Designer


Applications that will be showcased during this webinar:

  • 3DEXPERIENCE platform: Browser/Native client
  • Imagine and ShapeSubdivision surface modeling – of seat bolsters
  • Human Design –human-centric design in the seat modeling
  • Generative Shape Design – Hybrid modeling – to implement technical requirements
  • Visual ScriptingGenerative design – to generate stitches for the seat
  • Live Rendering – visualization –  Adding materials, Camera angles, and  Stellar rendering


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Attendees will discover how to improve efficiency and save time by solving surfacing challenges. By utilizing the high-performance surfacing technology of CATIA Imagine and ShapeSubdivision Surfaces, users can save time and focus more on innovation and creativity, rather than dealing with traditional surface processes. Additionally, we will demonstrate how to combine Imagine and Shape with other applications like GSD, Visual Scripting, Human Design, etc. for advanced concept development, enhancing problem-solving, and saving time.


Our presenter, Andras Sztojanovics member of the CATIA IPS Create Design Team of Dassault Systems, has more than a decade of experience in German automotive design as a Creative Designer/Concept Modeler/Class A Modeler working with top companies like Mercedes, Porsche, INEOS, and AMG in various roles.

With Expertise in:

  • CAS and Class A Surface Designer
  • Automotive Exterior / Interior / Seat Design
  • Studio Engineering
  • Mechanical Surface Engineering


Andras discovered and innovated the classical curve and surfacing workflow to save significant time, remove pains and open up new optimizations. He will show the basics of his accelerated workflow and the power of Imagine and Shape subdivision modeling available on CATIA V5.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your skills with CATIA Imagine and Shape!


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