Live Remote Learning FAQs

Do I need CATIA, ENOVIA or other software installed on my machine to take a Live Remote class?

No, you do not need the specific application software installed such as CATIA, ENOVIA, etc. Access to hands-on lab exercises is provided via your internet connection.

What are the system requirements to take a Live Remote class?

You need a workstation with a reliable internet connection, keyboard, mouse, video monitor and an audio device such as a telephone or headset.

A minimum internet download speed of 4 Mbps is required.


Test your internet speed here, and choose “Begin Test”.


What should I do to be sure I can connect to the Live Remote class?

You can check your connection to the Live Remote technology at any time, but you must do the connection test before the first day of class. The connection test should be done from the PC you will be using for the class. A WebEx remote access application will be installed on your PC as part of the connection test process.

Click this link to test your connection:


If you need assistance during the connection test, contact WebEx support, 866.229.3239

How do I connect to the audio portion of the Live Remote class?


You can use a telephone or connect to audio using your computer workstation.


Dial-in information, including a toll-free number, will be provided.


A microphone is required when connecting to audio using your computer. To reduce background noise and provide clarity, a headset with an integrated microphone that attaches via a USB port is recommended, but is not provided by Inceptra.


Install and Test the VOIP headset with microphone

What are the hours for a Live Remote class? From what location can I attend a Live Remote class?

Classes are 8 hours long (not including lunch) held during normal business hours and typically start between 8:30-9:30am. Times may be adjusted if students are in different time zones. You can take a class from home, work, off-site or anywhere meeting the system requirements shown above. Your environment should be free from distractions and interruptions allowing you to focus on learning.

How will I receive the Live Remote class details?

Enrolled students receive an email invitation from prior to the first day of class. In some cases, the invitation may arrive just minutes before the class start time. It provides instructions for joining the class, start time, and audio details.

See sample email from WebEx

Can two students at the same location share a workstation during the class?

No, each student will need their own workstation for the hands-on lab.

How do I register for a Live Remote class? How do I know I am officially registered?

Call 954-442-5400 option 3 or send an email to After payment for the class is confirmed, you will receive an Official Enrollment email from the Inceptra Services Administrator.

Will I have access to the lab exercises after the class is completed?

Access to web-based Companion e-Learning modules, including lab exercises, is available as a paid annual subscription. E-learning exercises require a local install of CATIA, ENOVIA, etc. It is not an extended access to the Live Remote training environment.