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Attending an Inceptra Live Remote Learning class is identical to attending a traditional instructor-led class, except the instructor and students can now be in different locations. The lecture, demo, and lab instruction you experience from a traditional class is still available with Inceptra’s Live Remote Learning.

Inceptra Live Remote classes utilize proven web technology to connect students, via their web browser, to the virtual classroom. Inceptra’s Live Remote Learning allows students to interact with the instructor, demonstrations, and the workstation they will use to complete lab exercises. Instructors maintain visibility of each student’s lab progress and can take control of their desktop when needed.

With each student connected directly to an Inceptra hosted workstation, no special software or licenses are needed to attend a Live Remote class.


Key Features

  • Delivering education to your boardroom, office, home, or almost anywhere
  • Easily maintain contact with key office personnel and processes while attending class
  • Save time & money by eliminating travel
  • Supportive “over the shoulder” and remote control assistance from instructors
  • Afterhours access to workstation & exercises
  • Easy setup, no special software required*
  • Toll free phone or VOIP audio connections
  • After hours and split shift class schedules available
  • Certified Instructors


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