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Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software improving product design & development

By leveraging Dassault Systèmes, inherently transient Lattice Boltzmann-based physics PowerFLOW® CFD solution performs simulations that accurately predict real world conditions. Using the PowerFLOW suite, engineers evaluate product performance early in the design process prior to any prototype being built — when the impact of change is most significant for design and budgets. PowerFLOW imports fully complex model geometry and accurately and efficiently performs aerodynamic, aeroacoustic and thermal management simulations.

  • Aerodynamic Efficiency
  • Vehicle Handling
  • Soiling and Water Management
  • Panel Deformation
  • Load Simulation
  • High-Lift Aerodynamics Simulations
  • Greenhouse Wind Noise
  • Underbody Wind Noise
  • Window and Sunroof Buffeting
  • Community/Pass-by Noise
  • Cooling Fan Noise
  • Propulsion Noise
  • Cooling Airflow
  • Thermal Protection
  • Brake Cooling
  • Key-off & Soak
  • Electronics and Battery Cooling
  • Avionics Cooling
  • Intake Port Simulation

  • Cabin Comfort
  • HVAC System Performance
  • HVAC System and Blower Noise
  • Defrost & Demist

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SIMULIA PowerFLOW Product Suite

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SIMULIA PowerFLOW Product Suite Dassault Systemes

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Designing Tomorrow’s Vehicle HVAC Systems

BMW used SIMULIA PowerFLOW to investigate how noise levels could be lowered without sacrificing defrost performance. Download the case study to read about the sound improvements BMW made with PowerFLOW.

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