PowerFLOW Product Suite

PowerFLOW Product Suite Dassault Systemes

PowerFLOW’s product suite offers real-world testing before prototyping

The SIMULIA PowerFLOW CFD solution utilizes Lattice Boltzmann-based physics to accurately predict real world performance with high fidelity transient digital prototypes and certification, replacing the need for expensive real-world testing.

PowerFLOW’s product suite offers solutions to improve engineering obstacles that arise in the fields of aerodynamics, aeroacoustics, thermal management and climate control. Click on each of the product names below to learn how they can benefit your engineering processes.

PowerFLOW Product Suite

PowerDELTA is a fully-featured surface mesh creation tool that prepares real life geometries for digital simulation with PowerFLOW. PowerDELTA offers the industry’s highest quality simulation meshes at turn around times that are 20 – 75% faster than that of competitors.

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PowerTHERM® is coupled with PowerFLOW to provide a complete, extensively validated digital thermal management solution. The combination of PowerFLOW with PowerTHERM enables engineers to accurately predict temperatures and visualize the flow and temperature fields for the entire vehicle.

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PowerACOUSTICS® is the leader in digital acoustic and aeroacoustic solutions for cars, heavy equipment, trains and aircraft. When coupled with PowerFLOW, PowerACOUSTICS provides visual insight into acoustic and aeroacoustic capabilities through extensive noise quality testing.

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PowerVIZ® is a high-performance CFD visualization tool offering an interactive analysis of PowerFLOW simulation results. PowerVIZ provides fast, interactive visualization of even the largest data sets, and offers the ability to easily combine different visualization techniques to explore simulation data.

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PowerINSIGHT® offers a graphical user interface to easily configure and generate company best practice comparative results, interactively browse results and automatically generate reports. PowerINSIGHT provides your team with the tools to maximize the return of your simulation investment.

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Powered by SIMULIA’s best-in-class Lattice-Boltzmann physics, DigitalROCK® provides the first reliable, predictive technology for digital pore-scale simulation of relative permeability. The user interface is easy and intuitive, and cloud delivery avoids infrastructure, hardware, and IT issues.

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SIMULIA CloudTM provides secure, web-based access to SIMULIA Fluids applications. SIMULIA PowerFLOW® is a multi-user system that enables engineers to easily and intuitively manage simulation projects, to collaborate seamlessly with colleagues, and use powerful simulation tools.

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SIMULIA PowerFLOW Product Suite Dassault Systemes

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