What’s New in CATIA V5 Release V5-6R2019 – SHAPE DESIGN & STYLING

Posted By: Marco Villanueva


Generative shape design

Blend Corner:

  • New “Setback” creation mode, using the setback value provided by user
    • Result not affected by filet shape


The user can now give offset value to the revolute created from a plane or surface or up to point as an end limit.

  • The user can now give offset value to the revolute created from a plane or surface or up to point as an end limit.

Variable offset

Advance parameters are now provided to manage output of result.

  • Deviation: maximum deviation between actual result and exact result
  • Merging distance: target value for result skin hermetization
  • Angular threshold: target value for result skin sharpness
  • Automatic split of variable areas – performs automatic internal split of variable areas if necessary

Fast update

Faster update for models that contain surface or volume features:

  • If none of the inputs of a feature are changed, the previous result of this feature is used as new result
  • No geometrical nor topological operation is done to compute the new result

Join – heal merged cells

New Join command option “Heal Merged Cells”

  • Applies topological healing of joined elements

Draft analysis

  • Support of multiple draft analysis on a same surface element
  • A contextual menu option “Set to Top” is available on the analysis to be able to put this analysis on the top of the stack of the mapping analysis
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Exact boundaries for extrapolate

  • User can choose between exact and approximate boundaries

Ordered geometric set – reorder children

New option “Move” allows user to move selected feature to any position within the list. The user selects one element to move in the list.

  • Supports multiple selections
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Multiple extract

It is now possible to remove elements already selected by re-selecting them in the 3D area.

  • Re-selecting an element will remove the complete line corresponding to this element in the multiple extract panel

Realistic Shape Optimizer

Vector field modification

  • User can modify the vector field based on experience
    • As an example, remove vectors in some areas

Vector field from 2 cloud of points files – Easily import a vector field from 2 file with points coordinates

Create a vector field feature (vector cloud) from 2 text files contain points coordinates.

  • 2 files shall contain only points coordinates
  • 2 files shall contain the same number of points
  • Points from both files must be paired


Control points – static update

  • Improved performance – Result of modification of input elements are seen at the end of manipulation (when user releases the left mouse button).
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Control points – double click – datum edition

Launch of Control points command via a double click on Datum Curve or Surface geometry in the graphics window or in the spec tree.

  • Applicable only in Freestyle, CATIA ICEM workbenches
  • Improved workflow

Control points – modification

Control point rows are now modifiable at ANY position on mesh line.

  • Improved workflow
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Matching constraints

New option to activate/deactivate the highlight of selected Source & Target inputs.

  • Improves visibility conflicts with control point’s visualization

Matching constraints – inside preview

When Inside option is “ON” a preview of the position that the Source edge will reach on target surface in accordance with the projection direction settings is displayed.

Stretch view – information display

New option to inform user when current view is set to Streched.

  • View label display
  • Command Icon remains selected while view is stretched