What’s New in 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA Release R2020x

What’s New in 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA Release R2020x

Whether you’ve migrated to Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA R2020x since it became available in November 2019 or are considering installing this latest release, this post will provide you with informative product enhancement highlights in two different ways:

1. As relevant to job function

2. A reference guide for enhanced applications

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3DEXPERIENCE CATIA R2020x  Enhancement Highlights by Job Function

3DEXPERIENCE CATIA R2020x delivers multiple enhancements for Designers, Engineers, Systems Engineers, and Construction Professionals as well as new functionality for 3D Generative Innovator and 3DPlay for everyone.

Discover and download the 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA R2020x enhancement highlights by job function.

3DEXPERIENCE CATIA R2020x Enhanced Application Reference Guide

Below is a reference guide that highlights the R2020x release enhancements for apps like CATIA 2D layout for 3D design, CATIA Functional Generative Design, CATIA Digitized Shape to Surface, ENOVIA 3D Markup and many more!

Enhanced app: 3DPlay

Improve 3D collaboration with new browsing capabilities, performances and UI

Extended capabilities for Collaborative Business Innovators

  • FTA annotations browsing for CATPart and STEP AP242 files from 3DDrive
    • Note: already available for 3DXML files and 3DSpace data
  • Play STPZ files from 3DDrive 

Play Schematics objects for Collaborative Industry Innovators

  • DIFLayout, DIFSheet  types supported from 3DSpace

User experience

  • Performances improvement for 3DSpace large data loading time and memory footprint especially on mobile devices, ability to pause and resume the loading 
  • PDF support improvements: UI including touch control, new highlighter tool
  • Redesigned Visibility commands: swap visible space / isolate structure elements

Enhanced apps: CATIA 3D Tolerancing & Annotation; CATIA 2D Layout for 3D Design, CATIA Drafting

Support of ISO 13715:2017  Edges of undefined shape

New type of annotation

  • Automatic associative leader position on single reference element, or at the intersection of two reference elements
  • Multiline editors and symbols insertion to specify lower and upper excess limits, and limited areas
  • Panel editors values are memorized and can be reset

Dedicated Standard style and parameters for customization

Enhanced app: ENOVIA 3D Markup; CATIA 3D Annotation Insight; CATIA 3D Compose

Define and/or Open a filtered view of a product structure

An existing filter can be opened

  • Requires that no data is currently loaded in the app

The Filter command is made available

  • From Tools section of the action bar
  • When a data is dropped in the app

Same scope as any other web app

Display larger assemblies on mobile devices or low-end machines

For large assemblies, 3D representations are loaded only when they actually need to be displayed in the current viewpoint

  • All the product structure is loaded, but not all 3D representations of the assembly
  • 3D representations are loaded and unloaded when needed, to optimize memory consumption
  • Bounding boxes can be displayed while additional 3D representations are loaded after a viewpoint modification, or during the initial loading of large assemblies

All 3D web apps functions are adapted to support such large assemblies dynamic 3D representation loading

  • Measure based on sub-product partially loaded are displayed in specific color
  • Section contour computation is made optional to ensure best performances
  • Loading completion is display in a new status bar, at the bottom of the widget

Enhanced app: CATIA 2D Layout for 3D Design

Specify breakout in 2D Layout for 3D Design 

Support of breakout clipping for View background in 2D Layout for 3D Design

  • Full integration in 3D clipping User interface with panel or immersive definition in the 3D window
  • Immersive breakout profile and depth definition with dedicated manipulators (in panel viewer or 3D window)
  • Apply of View breakout definition to other View(s)

Enhanced app: ENOVIA 3D Markup

Provide markup functionality to Industry Innovators

  • 3D Markup web app is now available in Collaborative Industry Innovator role
  • 3D Markup Engineer (DRU) role is removed
  • 3D Markup is enhanced to provide a continuous experience from 3DPlay
    • FTA Annotations display and filtering are added
    • Print and Fly/Walk Navigation commands are added
  • 3D Annotation Experience web app is removed
  • Its scope is now covered in 3D Markup web app (does not require a markup to be created)
  • 3D Compose*, 3DPlay web apps are enhanced accordingly to provide a continuous experience
    • Transitions between apps allows keeping FTA display, section and measures
    • Markup can directly capture FTA, section and measures after such transition

* 3D Product Architect is required to access 3DCompose app

Enhanced app: CATIA Functional Generative Design

New assistant to Produce a parametric design from the concept shape

New command to boost parametric reconstruction by generating sketches of the section boundaries of the concept shape.

  • Option to select from various sketch profile approximation strategies
  • Ability to generate fully constrained sketches which are editable and can be parametrized

Better and faster generation of concept shape

A new Advanced smoothing option to provide better and faster generation of concept than the earlier smoothing option

New Expert options will allow for generation of concept shape with Targeted number of faces

More control over the display of relevant KPI and 3D preview of concepts

Toggle and save the visibility of the KPI for each study and calculate the score based on the visible KPIs

New Light preview option which allows to choose if 3D models should be loaded during the comparison preview. 3D models can now be loaded individually

More intuitive and efficient Partition Operators

Improved partition command does not need an explicit selection of a volume to perform operation.

  • Volumes selection option can still be used to create partitions.

A new extrapolation option intelligently and automatically extrapolates the selected faces for desired partition in most cases.

Richer shape controls to achieve on target detailed design faster  

New Extrusion control and Milling control 

  • Extrusion control (targeted towards single axis milling process)
    – Multiple overlapping extrusions can be defined for more flexibility
  • Milling control (targeted towards multiple axis milling process)
    – Multiple extrusion directions can be defined

More ergonomic

  • Options under the Manufacturing and Shape controls are reorganized

Offers the capacity to disengage 3DOrchestration services

  • New Local Interactive option provides the ability to execute computation on local hardware without using 3DOrchestration services
  • Local Interactive compute is available On-premise as well as for Cloud-connected client
  • Embedded / Credits / Tokens compute modes are also supported with Local Interactive solve
  • Local client must be kept active throughout the execution process

Enhanced apps: CATIA Engineering Templates Capture; CATIA Component Family Definition and CATIA Know-How Apps User Experience

Provide flexibility and improve usability to address wider use cases


  • New replacing protocol for engineering templates: the user can now visualize simulation documents in Engineering Templates and make them replaceable during instantiation.
  • Test mode instantiation for component family assemblies: it will be possible for users to instantiate component family items only with a target maturity. For owners, it will be possible to test with any maturity state.
  • New command to delete resolved component family items
  • EKL script execution will now be possible during component family item generation. This will allow customers to apply generic logic.
  • A new event – OnFeaturePreSelected – is provided to perform advanced selection filtering. This allows apps developers to restrict element types selections in custom dialog components. 

Enhanced app: CATIA Digitized Shape to Surface

Extend fictive edge capabilities to manage more situations

Fictive edge

  • Command now supports any curve as guiding spine for building a fictive edge :
    • Previously only wire of 3D Curves & Curve On Mesh types were allowed
    • Now any curve (datum, GSD wire, NTS trace, etc….) can be used
  • Auto-distribution of section along guiding spine:
    • Number of sections can now be driven by the user automatically
    • Sections are easily auto-distributed along the guiding spine, with equidistant or curvature allowing even more accuracy and local area control
  • Curvature porcupine is displayed along required user within ICEM design eXperience app

Enhancement: CATIA real time visualization

New lighting & reflection capabilities within ambience overload

Ambience Overload was enriched

  • New section: « lighting parameter »
  • Able to overload or replace lighting provided by chosen ambience
  • Presets allowing
  • Retrieve CATIA V5 lighting tool similar UI capabilities

New section: Environment Lighting

  • Enabling parameter to tune a neon light map
  • 4 presets including ‘horizon light’ (right low part of dialog panel)
  • Axis choice and intensity set up

Enhanced app: CATIA Live Rendering

Material workflow

DSPBR with 3XF import

  • Flakes supported
  • Color Multiplier supported


  • Multi-selection
  • AXF file storage in database

New Substance engine 7.2 

  • GPU computation 
  • Substances up to 4k and 8k
  • Text & Value fields

Sample Material Catalog based on DS PBR

Stellar rendering improvements

Unification of Stellar Rendering in View Mode and Live Rendering 

Live Rendering Clapperboard on GPU or CPU 

  • Choice in Options, synced with Preferences

Selection of render engine commands now in-app for Stellar and Iray (before: in Preferences) 

Support of new Iray version 2019.1.3

General workflow & performance improvements


  • New Ambience workflow with unified user interface
  • All Ambiences based on PLM data model
  • Viewpoints and Backplates support
  • Minimized camera control panel
  • Tools tab in Live Rendering Action Bar


  • while editing materials
  • on Substances
  • on loading times

Enhanced app: CATIA Product Perception Experience

Interface and workflow evolutions

Support for PLM data objects

  • Cameras
  • Ambiences

Ambience properties

Better pivot axis definition

Touch screen improvements

  • Touch-enabled variant triggers 

User feedback

  • Progress indicators when switching variants

Enhanced role: CATIA Converters for Design and Styling

New role launch

Pack of most commonly used data converters to import data into 3DEXPERIENCE from stand-alone DS and 3rd party software

  • Converter for COLLADA
  • Converter for FBX
  • Converter for OBJ
  • Converter for Rhinoceros
  • Converter for ICEM Surf
  • Converter for SOLIDWORKS
  • Converter for DELTAGEN

Enhanced apps: CATIA Live Rendering; CATIA Human Design

New content for R2020x FD01

HD materials for multiple industries

  • Automotive, Aerospace, Military/Defense, High Tech, Architecture, etc.

Procedural materials

  • LED configurator
  • Camouflage
  • Untreated raw metal
  • Upholstery cloth
  • Etc.

AxF Scans

  • High precision scans
  • For automotive
  • For aerospace
  • Leathers
  • Plastics
  • Etc.

Enhanced app: CATIA Human Design

Avatar Calibration for a better immersive Design Experience*

* Immersive Visual Experience Role required for VR capabilities

Arm calibration of the VR avatar 

  • Same proportions between the user and the avatar
  • Efficient design experience with more precise Human avatar representation

Intuitive and easy process

  • Measure forearm & upper arm length with Vive controllers
  • 1 minute calibration process

Good to know

  • The left hand has to be static to get better results

Enhanced app: CATIA Electrical 3D Design

Conductor Routing Assistant enhancement


  • Enhanced ergonomics to select attributes computation update mode
  • Consistent interface for mode selection buttons
  • Fast selection between manual update and automated update mode
  • Immediate attributes update when activating automatic mode

Separation code for Branch Geometry


  • Separation Code attribute can be set on Electrical Branch Geometry 
  • Consistency warning between Electrical Branch Geometry and their branches
  • Assisted selection for separation codes based on Data Setup
  • Accelerated design process guided by project settings

Electrical behavior for all types of objects


  • Definition of an electrical behavior available for all parts
  • New type of electrical port, Junction Port, to define traversal between zones
  • Branches connection to Junction Port
    • Electrical and geometrical link to Junction Port  to keep associativity
    • Electrical link only to Junction Port 
  • Allow early design network routing and collaborative design based on zones

Enhanced apps: CATIA Piping & Tubing 3D Design; CATIA HVAC 3D Design

Improve design rules constrain during routing

Bend modifications options 

  • Allow/Avoid local bend radius modification
  • Force usage from table option that allows local bend radius modification based on turn rule table only

Minimum Straight Length options 

  • Force usage from table option Do not allow backward manipulation less than minimum straight length

New Option to copy pipe color from Reference Pipe

Improve PCF completeness for isometric drawing generation

Extract Message order in PCF from 3D piping 

  • Introduction of a new Mapping table to manage message per type of component according to various input criteria
    • Define Message representation, value and status 
  • Allow to manage « imbedded Message» or «Message as a Component»

Improve productivity of Part Filter modification

New UI allowing quicker access of Part filter and easier creation and modification

  • Simplify the wizard used to edit the filter units
  • Allow UI-Activation of the units with a specific UI for editing them
  • Provide an analysis on the filter and their units (similar to the table one)
  • Improve the modeler performances

Improve productivity for Part Filter creation 

Specification Part filter – Create new from XML import 

  • Command will allow to manage Part filter with multiple Filter Units
  • XLM structure has changed
  • New Import UI with error report and status

Enhanced apps: CATIA Electrical 3D Design; CATIA Piping & Tubing 3D Design; CATIA HVAC 3D Design; CATIA Electrical Raceway 3D Design; CATIA Electrical Manufacturing Preparation

Color shading enhancement for object highlights


Dedicated color shader to highlight objects in Electrical and Piping 

Improves performance for multiple functions

  • Conductor Routing Assistant (Filling Ratio)
  • Network Assistant
  • Network Impact Assistant
  • Low Light
  • Immersive Branch Definition

Consistent interface and messaging when using these functions

Enhanced app: CATIA Electrical Systems Design

Improve usability and efficiency in diagram design


  • New Shield Daisy Chain creation tool
  • Enhanced agility and flexibility of Daisy Chain representation
  • Adaptable creation method to fit end user needs

Enhancement of applicative text template on On/Off-sheet


  • Ability to display the “system” name information on off-sheet connectors
  • New user defined Business Rule to tailor cross-reference resolution
  • Customizable systems hierarchy and organization
  • Enhanced openness for on/off sheet information display

Enhanced apps: CATIA Electrical Systems Design; CATIA Piping & Tubing Systems Design; CATIA HVAC Systems Design

Zones hierarchy checked on creation


  • Capacity to define acceptable containing zones for each zone
  • Automatic filter guiding zone selection during creation
  • Design guidance to ensure zone compatibility at creation 
  • Detection of zone location and intersection with other zones in diagrams

Enhanced zones text display


  • Entries in Data Setup to define text templates to be added on zones
  • Business rule to define how texts will be assigned and displayed

Enhanced app: xDesign (available in role 3D Innovator)

Customize Interface Layout

Description: Customizable Action Bar
The action bar has more options for customization. As well as resizing, pinning and unpinning tabs, they can now be detached from the bottom and attached to the top of the window or the right side.

Customer Benefits
Customization allows users to put their most used commands are where they feel they are most accessible, improving productivity.

Improved Design Manager

Description: Clearer visual feedback from Design Manager
Design Manager Search Filter, redesigned rollback bar with highlighted active feature.

Customer Benefits
Clearer user experience so it is easier and faster to make the right choices and selections.

Redesigned selection fields

Description: Clearer visual feedback from Feature Dialogs
Clearer dialogs and color coded selections to give clearer feedback to users.

Customer Benefits
Faster to see which items have been selected for each area of a command.


Description: Touch Bar improvements
Touch bar can now be moved anywhere and more easily, improved feedback for what mode users are in.

Customer Benefits
Less accidental selection and more productive working on touch devices.

Sketch Improvements 

Description: Replace Sketch Entities
Any sketch entity such as a line or arc, can be replaced with any other, such as a spline or ellipse and maintain references downstream.

Customer Benefits
Easier to make major changes to sketch geometry without the rework of child features.

3D Model Colors

Description: More control over coloring 3D models
Colors can now be applied to model faces as well as entire components.

Customer Benefits
More control over coloring models enhances realism and assists visibility of model features improving productivity and clarity.

Assembly Enhancements

Description: Deactivate entire joint/connection between components in assemblies
Isolate – change the visibility of everything that is not selected in one step.

Customer Benefits

  • Less steps to turn off and on connections between parts, making you more productive
  • Less steps to hide components 

Assembly Enhancements: SOLIDWORKS files

Description: Import SOLIDWORKS/CATIA V5 assembly from 3DDrive without needing to pack and go to Zip file

  • Colors of SOLIDWORKS files are supported in xDesign and xShape
  • Replace component in assembly with alternative SOLIDWORKS Configuration.

Customer Benefits
Improved interoperability when working with SOLIDWORKS files.

Interference Detection

Description: Show any interferences between parts in an assembly 
Show interference volume.

Customer Benefits
Make sure assemblies are able to be manufactured before committing to any material or tooling costs.

Description: Replace components with a new revision or change maturity of components in an assembly

Customer Benefits
More productive assembly environment when needing to change lifecycle status of components in an assembly.

Enhanced app: CATIA xGenerative Design

Functional and User Experience Enhancements for Creativity & Productivity 

User experience enhancements

  • New loading bar with additional information
  • Data recovering has been improved
  • New widget preference to set the digit number of numerical values
  • Search in graph (Ctrl+F)
  • Copy / paste operators or regions to another graph editor (only with chrome)
  • Quick color definition in graph editor
  • Documentation has been enhanced regarding 3D immersive view capabilities

Experiment & Monitor

  • Display design outputs like charts, values, lists… in the new Monitor tab  
  • Create a new controller / output (length, integer, angle, random…) directly from experiment / monitor tabs

New Operators 

  • Group by continuity (G0, G1, G2)
  • Trim

Enhanced Operators

  • Index of
  • Insert
  • Remove Index
  • Remove items
  • Replace items

New BETA Operators 

  • Box (from 2 points)
  • Closest Points
  • Matrix
  • Matrix to list
  • Parallelepiped
  • Parallelogram
  • Point from vector
  • Read data from Sheet (csv)
  • Write data to sheet (csv)
  • Set items
  • Tetrahedron
  • Triangulate
  • Vector to list