Unlock New Opportunities in Satellite Technology

Lead the New Space Race with a Digital Approach

The race is on for New Space companies to develop and launch successful satellites into orbit.

In our “New Space, New Opportunities” eBook, discover the digital approach that is accelerating innovations in the industry. Digitalization allows companies to:

  • Cut the development time of a first prototype in half
  • Deploy constellations of small satellites with radical new capabilities
  • Slash launch costs by reusing the rocket’s most expensive components

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The New Frontier of Satellite Technology

In the race to successfully launch satellites into orbit, New Space companies must speed up innovation in satellite technology

Humans’ fascination with space led to the launch of the first satellite in the mid-1950s. Today, this fascination has only deepened, and space is no longer the sole purview of government agencies. Private companies are disrupting the space exploration and satellite industry as they race to produce increasingly sophisticated satellites and reusable launchers. It’s a new frontier in satellite technology. Driven by the need to accelerate innovation, this new frontier helps companies identify opportunities to extend the limit of rocketry and satellite design and manufacturing.

Accelerate Rocketry & Satellite Design and Manufacturing

When it comes to rocketry and satellite design, the right business platform offers digital mission engineering with the capability to reuse data and models from past projects instead of starting from scratch. Stakeholders can collaborate with a real-time overview of designs in development to achieve innovative, sustainability-focused results faster. Then, advanced virtual simulation capabilities allow companies to accelerate the testing and validation process. When they are equipped with multi-scale and multi-physics simulation capabilities that can rapidly reproduce complex space systems, they can explore more options and address quality issues and launch risks earlier.

“The challenge for New Space companies is to develop the versatility of their platforms while manufacturing to order at scale. In the longer term, the challenge will be to manage mega-constellations and ensure their sustainability.”

David Ziegler

Vice President, Aerospace & Defense Industry, Dassault Systèmes

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YURI is taking advantage of our partner Dassault Systèmes’ Reinvent The Sky industry solution experience on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to build its hardware and handle all space experiments.

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Reinvent The Sky – New Space

Accelerate your product lifecycle from concept to orbit and gain competitive advantages. Design, prototype and validate New Space innovations using the Dassault Systèmes Reinvent The Sky industry solution experience.

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