Reverse Shape Optimizer – VSO – Extension

Reverse Shape Optimizer enables morphing of a nominal 3D shape to match simulation or digitization results. One of the main feature is to compare nominal shape with predicted or real shape, then to update and optimize the nominal shape by applying the differences while preserving the high quality of the nominal shape. It optimizes the manufacturing process by compensating forming deformation and optimizes product definition from its representation in operation conditions. Reverse Shape Optimizer provides a unique flexibility and productivity to bring Virtual Definition closer to Real-life Definition.



Manage complex shape deformation of virtual products:

  • Import and optimize clouds of points and STL data, create and refine meshes
  • Create virtual shape from simulation computation or digitization results
  • Compare nominal shape with predicted or real shape and measure deviations
  • Update and optimize nominal shape by applying or compensation difference
  • Compensate forming deformation.



Existing Catia Role


Included Apps

  • CATIA Virtual to Real Shape Morphing
  • CATIA Digitized Shape Preparation