Structure Designer – STR

Structure Designer supports metallic structure design from preliminary design to detail design.



Structure Designer is a multi-industry role that is intent on steel structure design. This role enables to perform fast and productive functional design with detail design information. And, it supports to expose detail design with precise and accurate result at PLM level from functional design or standalone. And then, it captures manufacturing intents into detail design, so that user prepares manufacturing process. Also, Structure Designer generates classification drawing and production drawing with symbolic and mechanical representations


Key Benefits

  • Support full parametric design with various construction elements
  • Perform early estimation of preliminary design for manufacturing planning in advance
  • Experience robust and flexible detail design piece parts generation from basic design by capturing detail design specification in basic design
  • Perform productive design without errors and rework, also provide realistic geometrical result in detail design for better completeness of design
  • Support tight and seamless integration with manufacturing also collaborate well with other disciplines such as Initial Design, Simulation, and Weight and Balance
  • Generate various classification drawings and production drawings with symbolic and mechanical representations