Product Design Simulation – PDS

Improve Performance during Product Design using Simulation

Product Design Simulation provides product designers with easy-to-use simulation-based guidance during all phases of product design in order to improve product performance and reduce cost and time of design validation.   Product Design Simulation is easy-to-use for the non-expert user, while including the functionality required to simulate the complexities of real-world behavior.  Models built in Product Design Simulation can be shared for collaboration with expert tools providing a link between the needs of the designer and expertise of the expert not available in other platforms.


Product Design Simulation delivers mechanical simulation capabilities for product design, providing early guidance during the most critical conceptual design stage of innovation. Product Design Simulation is a natural extension of the design experience, enabling users to study their design’s behavior and to explore different design options and their effect on product performance, all from within their familiar design environment and all based on the design geometry itself.


Product Design Simulation is available on premise and on cloud.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Simulate product performance in the design phase to make better-informed design decisions.
  • Options presented to the user are intuitive and explained in the language of product designers.
  • Enables collaborative modeling and sharing of models and results from designer to expert
  • Provides guidance at all times to help the user understand what to do next
  • Stress, frequency, and thermal simulation on parts and assemblies
  • Linear and advanced nonlinear material options
  • Interactions between parts in an assembly
  • Automatically generates the right mesh with adaptive refinement
  • High-performance results post-processing
  • Automated output report generation