Simulation Process & Optimization – SPI -Extension


Integrate all of the analysis tools you work with and your company’s best practices into re-usable, deployable processes.



Simulation Process and Optimization provides a framework for engineering teams to integrate all of the tools they use into re-usable, deployable processes. This reduces time-consuming and error prone tasks to improve productivity and consistency while enabling design exploration studies to find better designs and democratization to expand the user-base for simulation. Lastly, capturing these processes in 3DEXPERIENCE® provides the traceability organizations need when making critical business decisions



  • Scalable user experience, with traceability and version control for as-is workflows and capabilities to add automation, design exploration or capture best-practices
  • Answer “what if?” questions and explore your design space to help improve product performance and reliability while reducing cost
  • With a native integration of 3DEXPERIENCE apps, all geometry and simulation parameters “just show up” and driving them from a process is only a few clicks
  • Openness to connect any simulation tools to 3DEXPERIENCE
  • End-to-end traceability to trace from the results and the applications used back to the original design inputs, allowing you to understand the context of your data
  • Capture, storage and re-use of simulation processes and best practices ensures that the maximum value can be extracted from key company I.P