Visual Experience Designer – CSX

High End Real-time Visualization and Interactive Rendering for Design Decisions

Visual Experience Designer is a specific and dedicated Role for real-time visualization & interactive rendering. This enables the 3D user to take accurate design decisions and to produce photorealistic visuals. It is the perfect companion to any 3D modeling software, allowing users to visualize & sell their designs.

Creative designers, engineers, marketing managers or visualization expert can access the powerful high-quality rendering with a stand-alone application, available On-Premise or On-the-Cloud.



A visual and rendering companion allowing non-specialists to produce high-end real-time visualization and interactive photorealistic visuals:

  • Realtime & interactive rendering solution
  • Physically correct based visualization
  • 3D Human available as a reference to visual experience creation
  • Integrated solution
  • Easy to use & Push Button
  • Content available for environments & materials
  • Tools to optimize models for downstream experiences
  • Available On-premise and On-The-Cloud