Sheet Metal Designer – SMW

Dedicated Solution Addressing the Sheetmetal Process from Design to Manufacturing

Industrial companies are constantly striving to reduce design-to-manufacturing cycles for complex sheetmetal parts, while ensuring they are standard compliant.

The Sheet Metal Designer role offers an intuitive and flexible user interface. It provides an associative feature-based modeling, making it possible to design sheet metal representations in concurrent engineering between the unfolded or folded 3D shape representations.



Accelerate the complete sheetmetal process from design to manufacturing

  • Reduces design and manufacturing errors thanks to process oriented sheet metal features
  • Cuts tooling design thanks to dedicated manufacturing preparation functions
  • Cuts design modifications capitalizing IP and applying automated design and check rules
  • Reduces Decision Times using concurrent engineering delivered by the single platform



Collaborative Innovation (CNV) and Collaborative Sharing (PCS)


Included Apps

  • CATIA Sheet Metal Design
  • CATIA Weld Design
  • CATIA Natural Shape
  • CATIA Natural Assembly
  • CATIA Bent Part Design
  • CATIA Assembly Design
  • CATIA Mechanical Systems Design
  • CATIA Part Design Essentials
  • CATIA Drafting
  • CATIA 2D Layout for 3D Design
  • CATIA Generative Wireframe & Surface
  • CATIA 3D Templates Capture
  • CATIA Engineering Templates Reuse
  • CATIA Know-how Reuse
  • SIMULIA Material Definition
  • CATIA Product Structure Design
  • CATIA 3D Printing
  • CATIA Weight Analysis
  • CATIA Engineering IP Control
  • Converter for IGES
  • Converter for STEP
  • ENOVIA Design Review
  • ENOVIA Interference Check
  • ENOVIA Interference Finder