Shaped Machine and Equipment Designer – MQS

Finding ways to reduce design-to-manufacturing cycles is a key priority for industrial companies. The required solution must be highly productive and flexible, fostering collaboration even in a wide geographical context and allowing design changes with controlled impacts.

Shaped Machine and Equipment Designer provides users with world-class tools to design simple to highly sophisticated & advanced surfaces machine & equipments.

Users can create any 3D part and assembly, with data exchange and coexistence with other systems. Real-time Collaboration allows teams to work together, regardless of location. A full suite of powerful functions allows defining components with custom behaviors and supports engineering connections and mechanism animation, also including tubing and piping, sheetmetal and welding capabilities.

This role allows the users to create high-quality & complex mechanical shapes with a robust feature-based approach. Dedicated functionalities are proposed to simplify, accelerate & check surface designs, and increase efficiency on repetitive and very tedious manual tasks.



A powerful set of applications built to allow the creation and management of sophisticated Machine & Equipment products with complex surface.

Real-time collaboration: work in parallel and exchange through 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform

Conceptual design: use 2D or 3D techniques to create a workable concept for detailed design

Assembly & kinematics: Design and animate complex kinematic mechanisms

  • Engineering connections
  • Mechanism animation
  • Mechanism of mechanisms
  • Kinematics scenario
  • Clash detection
  • Simulation analysis

Unified user interface: Accelerate your design with natural manipulations and contextual interactions

Product review: Detect and track interferences, check the weight distribution and analyze the digital mock-up with relevant engineering data

Knowledge design automation: Capitalize on your assets, capture modeling methodologies and reuse associative templates

Associative Drawings: Generate associative layouts with multi-views, dimensions, and associated bill of materials

Detailed Design: Accelerate detailed design of the rough parts and check the feasibility to ensure the manufacturing requirements

Piping Design: 3D Piping Tubing environment for the physical design of bendable and flexible tubing and piping systems

Productivity: Increase efficiency on everyday tasks and increase productivity on very tedious manual tasks during shape design.

Advanced Surface Design: Enrich mechanical products with sophisticated & high-quality shapes.



Collaborative Innovation (CNV) and Collaborative Sharing (PCS)


Included Apps

  • CATIA Part Design
  • CATIA Functional Part Design
  • CATIA Natural Shape
  • CATIA Mechanical Systems Design
  • CATIA Assembly Design
  • CATIA Natural Assembly
  • CATIA Drafting
  • CATIA 2D Layout for 3D Design
  • CATIA Bent Part Design
  • Converter for IGES
  • Converter for STEP
  • CATIA 3D Printing
  • CATIA Component Family Definition
  • CATIA 3D Templates Capture
  • CATIA Engineering Templates Reuse
  • CATIA Know-how Reuse
  • SIMULIA Material Definition
  • CATIA Product Structure Design
  • CATIA Weight Analysis
  • CATIA Mechanical Systems Experience
  • CATIA Sheet Metal Design
  • CATIA Weld Design
  • CATIA Piping & Tubing 3D Design
  • CATIA Piping & Tubing 3D Part Design
  • CATIA Engineering IP Control
  • ENOVIA Design Review
  • ENOVIA Interference Check
  • ENOVIA Interference Finder
  • CATIA Generative Shape Design
  • CATIA FreeStyle Shape Analysis
  • CATIA Generative Shape Develop
  • CATIA Shape Healing