RFQ Manager – RSQ


Drive profit with better and faster sourcing practices.



RFQ Manager provides online request-for-quote (RFQ) management for sourcing engineered products and services. When used with Bid Manager, suppliers securely become an extension of a company’s engineering organization, for better and faster sourcing practices that drive key profit, cost, and time-saving decisions.


Key Benefits

Shorten Response Times
Sourcing process that involves a collaborative environment with connection to information, data, and decisions in real time.

Improve Product Development
Collaborate directly with buyer organization during design & development reducing reliance on data exchange. Ensures security of Supplier IP while delivering value added capabilities like real-time DMU and design in configured context.

Reduce Product Production Delays
Enable participation in project management framework to ensure compatibility, increased visibility, and early detection of risks, issues, and opportunities.

Generate More Value from Suppliers
Manage deliverables in term of planning, quality and cost to improve product costs without compromising quality.