Product Release Engineer – XEN

Manage the engineering definition of products from early definition to final validation in collaboration across disciplines and the value network.

With a single, shared engineering product definition, Product Release Engineer enables engineering and other disciplines to easily complete and validate the product structure and access up-to-date information to advance product innovation.

Product Release Engineer helps reduce engineering definition time by maximizing data reuse, reducing product structure complexity, simplifying product governance through responsibility assignments and ensuring adherence to corporate standards through early definition of product part numbers.

Product Release Engineer enhances user productivity across the value network, delivering a modern, web-based, intuitive and easy-to-use experience for content reviews and organizing engineering data, as well as creating, validating and sharing of product information and design data.



  • Foster Multi-Discipline Collaboration: Accelerate cross-team collaboration and product development with engineering responsibility assignment and tracking. 
  • Reduce Errors and Rework: A single, shared engineering product definition ensures teams are always working on up-to-date information, avoiding the potential for confusion and errors. 
  • Work Effectively: Leverage advanced product structure navigation to minimize time spent searching for engineering items. 
  • Maximize Data Reuse: Save time and costs with the ability to easily duplicate, reuse and exclude existing engineering definitions. 
  • Drive Efficiency: Improve productivity through a smart data organization that fits the needs of every user.