Product Performance Assessment – KPP

A complex assembly often gathers together thousands of parts. Without requiring to open all these parts in CATIA editor, CATIA Product Experience Process enable managers or designers to track the weight of an assembly in the 3DEXPERIENCE® navigation platform

During the whole design of the product, the weight manager, the mechanical engineer or the sustainability manager can analyze weight and inertia information at any level of the assembly, considering configured and filtered products when necessary.

The weight distribution is clearly visible. Volumes, tolerance on the weight and the confidence percentage are also easily accessible. The reporting of the weight definition ensures a quicker convergence on the maturity of the weight of the global mock-up.



Perform a complete review of mass properties to accurately validate product compliance with weight criteria:

  • Dashboard to track mass properties
  • Weight computation at high levels of the product structure
  • Summarize the weight (computed from Authoring, or declared), related tolerance & confidence


Included Apps

  • CATIA Product Performance Assessment
  •  CATIA Business Performance To Target