Product Manager – PDM

Product Manager is used to enable product customization and variety definition. With Product Manager, companies can capture market and technology requirements and then decide how to best satisfy them with standard product features that are leveraged as appropriate across the product portfolio.



Quantifying and minimizing the “cost of variety” is a business challenge many companies face today.  In a competitive landscape driven by the rapidly evolving needs of technology-savvy consumers, companies recognize that product personalization is critical to business success. Companies are forced to concentrate on more market segments and constantly strive for short lead times in order to stay competitive.  Introducing customization and personalization in existing product portfolios increases development costs and introduces risk.

Product Manager enables organizations to improve their overall global requirement management process by capturing the “voice of the customer” and translating it into user requirements that define new products. Product Manager enables organizations to manage a central repository of customer needs, product requirements that satisfy them and the test cases that validate the fulfillment of the requirements.  Requirements can be defined and decomposed into a hierarchy, and fulfilled through the design, implementation and testing of final products to provide complete traceability throughout product development.

Product Manager helps manufacturers of complex products manage the conceptual and commercial aspects of their products while maximizing the reuse of existing intellectual property (IP) and assets. With Product Manager, users define and manage a master feature-option dictionary and configuration rules across the product portfolio. This approach to product planning provides valuable input to R&D and operations to deliver products to market faster while helping to minimize design changes and reducing development cost.

Product ManagerProduct Architect, and Product Engineer are often used together by companies to develop and launch the right solution at the right time. They collectively increase company efficiency while reducing time to market.  Product Manager is used to articulate and plan the company’s product objectives and strategy.  Product Architect systematically designs the product architecture to meet the product objectives and strategy.  Finally, Product Engineer executes and implements physical solutions that meet the design goals set with Product Architect.  The benefits of Product Manager are further extended when used with CATIA® 3DEXPERIENCE® to design complex products, including their functional and logical aspects. Further requirements can be linked to program and project management activities that deliver full traceability throughout the entire development process ensuring that the products developed will meet original market goals.

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