Mold Tooling Creation – MTE

Now more than ever, mold manufacturers need to design faster and with the highest quality in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. Therefore, the tooling designer needs to maximize tooling automation creation to focus on the added-value tasks. In addition, designers should benefit from a single system that manages design changes throughout the design-to-manufacturing process.


The CATIA – Mold Tooling Creation option is dedicated to fast mold and stamping die design. Designers are able to reuse already capitalized tooling know-how, enabling rapid tooling creation fully compliant with company rules and standards. Seamless tooling design fosters concurrent engineering between the design office, tooling and manufacturing departments


Included Modules

  • Core & Cavity Design 2
  • Generative Shape Design 1
  • Healing Assistant 1
  • Part Design Feature Recognition 1
  • Part Design 2
  • Tooling Design 1
  • Mold Tooling Design 2
  • Assembly Design 2

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