Modelica Industry Solutions

Integrate Multiple Engineering Disciplines

The Modelica Libraries are part of the powerful CATIA Systems Engineering solution. The libraries can be used with both Dymola and CATIA V6 Dynamic Behavior Modeling, either on their own or with other Modelica Libraries, to model and simulate complex systems that can span multiple engineering disciplines.


The automotive applications fall into three main categories. The engine and drive train are modeled using the Engines, Battery and Powertrain libraries. The flexibility of the open Modelica language is particularly suitable for modeling hybrid or alternative drive trains. Modal bodies or flexible shafts are available through the Flexible Bodies library. Engine and battery cooling is supported by the Liquid Cooling library, which can be combined with the Air Conditioning library. TheHuman Comfort library adds models of occupant comfort for complete vehicle thermal modeling.

Subsystem and complete vehicle models for handling and control experiments are provided by the Vehicle Dynamics library. The hierarchically structured, open-source, Modelica models offer unprecedented flexibility for multiple vehicle configurations while reusing common components.

The actuators and control systems of both drive train and vehicle are modeled with the Hydraulics and Smart Electric Drives libraries. Controller components are available in the Modelica Standard Library.

Aerospace and Defense

A multitude of libraries offer the capacity to model the complex thermo-fluid systems of aircraft, ranging from fuel systems to environmental control. The Air Conditioning library has been used for modeling the next generation of commercial aircraft.

Actuators for flight control and other subsystems use the Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Smart Electric Drives libraries. Flexible beams and modal bodies from Finite Element models are managed by the Flexible Bodies library.

Energy, Process and Utilities

Ever more stringent requirements on environmental impact drive the trend towards more detailed modeling of physics and control systems. Complex power plants are easily modeled using the Hydro Power and Thermal Power libraries.

The Electric Power library is used to model and optimize alternative energy sources and the electric grid.

Industrial Equipment

All kinds of industrial equipment can be modeled using the mechanical libraries of the Modelica Standard Library, including 3D multi-body systems. Other options are flexible beams and modal bodies originating from a Finite Element model. Actuators and control systems are modeled with the HydraulicsPneumatics and Smart Electric Drives libraries. The thermal properties of industrial machinery are easily modeled with the Liquid Cooling library.