Interior Designer – FPM

Create Complex Plastic, Cast and Forged Parts

Automotive Interiors Designer is an industry tailored role dedicated to advanced surface design for plastic parts (offering unique technology providing behavior-driven mechanical features), and for cast and forged parts (offering dedicated advanced functions). Dedicated to Transportation and Mobility industry processes, it applies know-how rules capitalizing best design practices, automates all tasks from simple to complex, and finally provides strong engineering and simulation (plastic injection) validation capabilities.

In term of user value Interior Designer can create parts of any complexity while ensure compliance to engineering requirements. It provides with a consistent and effective design process while delivering direct access to manufacturing-ready parts without having to proceed with multiple design iterations.



Industry-tailored role to Create complex plastic, cast and forged parts for automotive interiors.

  • Capture design intent easier with behavior-driven design
  • Ensure right-the-first-time molded parts design
  • Support compelling design flexibility with order independence
  • Decrease design iteration loops
  • Reduce cycle-time of modeling and design changes
  • Capture manufacturing intent at the earliest stage of the design
  • Simulation Plastic Injection with industry recognised algorithm: simpoe
  • Obtain best quality meshes to feed rapid prototyping machines
  • Reuse existing data intensively with powerful recognition tools


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Create parts of any complexity
  • Ensure compliance with engineering requirements
  • Consistent and effective design process
  • Manufacturing-ready parts without multiple design iterations
  • Controlled and sustainable quality