Variant Management – ONM

Leverage a Standardized Product Structure to Deliver Faster and More Efficiently

Maintaining a competitive advantage while quantifying and minimizing the “cost of variety” is a business challenge many companies face today. In a competitive landscape driven by the rapidly evolving needs of technology-savvy consumers, companies recognize that product personalization is critical to business success. However, introducing customization and personalization in existing product portfolios increases development costs and introduces risk. Product managers can use Variant Management to tackle product customization and variety definition early in the “idea” or concept phase of the product development process while maximizing the reuse of parts and digital assets.


Variant Management is available on premise.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Product managers can define a portfolio of configurable products that respond to unique customer needs
  • Establish a single feature dictionary that enables configuration consistency for all configured structures
  • Configurable product owners and stakeholders have immediate visibility to product definition and new feature development status using the Product Timeline report
  • A generic product architecture enables companies to rapidly introduce new variants based on the company’s business goals and target markets
  • Advanced compare tools with  synchronization capabilities allow users to maximize the reuse of parts and digital assets
  • Enables manufacturing planners to define alternative manufacturing processes for each evolution of the product