Similar Part Explorer – SPE

An Intuitive Shape-Based Search Accelerating Reuse

Similar Part Explorer saves users time and effort by integrating a shape-based search of data through the contextual menu of the 3D navigation available in Dassault Systèmes authoring applications (for part and logical). A shape-based search is an intuitive process that enables easy and quick information reuse through the product lifecycle stages such as design, planning, manufacturing, procurement, and inventory management. Similar Part Explorer reduces duplicated references in a database as designers can access and check existing data directly on their designs before deciding to create new designs. Innovation quickens as designers share their work in a realistic 3D environment populated by accurate, real-time data.


Similar Part Explorer is available on premise.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Increase productivity and speed up design engineering by viewing and choosing part substitutions in a 3D environment
  • Reduce duplicate parts and associated costs by quickly identifying similar parts
  • Bring products to market faster by instantly checking part substitutions for design feasibility