Review and Approve – RWA

Review and Approve provides a wide range of capabilities for global enterprise collaboration including managing and organizing shared documents and structured product data in virtual digital workspaces. Users can easily raise issues, organize meetings and track decisions while any object modifications can be formally approved with simple workflow routes.


Review and Approve provides a virtual collaborative environment that allows global teams to engage securely in all the activities associated with a traditional office environment. Users in digital workspaces can maintain and share content for improved decision-making and issue management. Automatic notifications help team members monitor milestones associated with product lifecycle management and acquiring approvals. Discussion threads enhance collaboration by maintaining an accurate record of the conversations. Budgets are handled with more fiscal responsibility because users see all the currency and unit of measure values in their local or preferred denominations.

Review and Approve also allows users to create and access 3DEXPERIENCE® data from the most popular Microsoft applications: Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Outlook®, Windows Explorer, Windows Desktop Search, and Office 365. This capability enables enterprise-level collaboration while not disrupting the established productivity of end-users. Document templates provide users with the opportunity to promote company standards. Important information is available always through saved email threads.  With product content being managed in 3DEXPERIENCE platform rather than on users’ PCs, organizations now are able to create, manage and review product content more securely.

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