Quality Manager – QUM

Integrated Closed-Loop System for Full Range of Quality Management From Non-Conformance Reports to Corrective and Preventative Actions

Quality Manager helps companies manage and facilitate innovation without compromising quality and safety through one cohesive platform that allows collaboration of design information and visibility across the product lifecycle from ideation to end of life.  Organizations are consistently struggling to deal with quality issues efficiently and effectively. As the complexity of products and processes increases, this predicament only promises to worsen. Quality Manager provides process for managing the entire event lifecycle from event intake through investigation, root cause analysis and closure.  It features proven best practice matrixes, management dashboards and strong audit trail reports and controls. This comprehensive solution is designed to help manufactures streamline their processes and provide ease of use at all levels of the organization for handling quality events, corrective and preventive actions (CAPA), product nonconformance, and audits.

Quality Manager automates the control and disposition process of non-conforming products by identifying issues and tracking the review, monitoring and reporting of follow-up actions. Its nonconformance reporting (NCR) is for both products and processes. Quality Managermanages product disposition including approval and verification. It includes assignable cause analysis and immediate corrections.

The process of dealing with quality issues is the single greatest source of risk manufacturers today. The process can get bogged down in the minutiae of documentation and fail to adequately address the critical issues regarding risk, root cause, and remediation. A single, global, robust solution like Quality Manager enables companies to manage all quality issues and can provide insight into the health of the CAPA process. This helps companies avoid compliance risk, reduce waste, and increase the interconnection of team members and business processes.

Quality Manager delivers a comprehensive audit management process from scheduling to current best practices for closed-loop findings; closure, task assignments and escalation. Audits are conducted after being planned, findings are classified and follow-up is assigned to the right area managers. After follow-up actions are addressed, a final report is issued and routed for complete closure.  Quality Manager links all deliverables, analysis, documentation and validation results.  They are easily and neatly retrievable for internal or external audits providing added value for engineering, manufacturing and quality teams working on new product programs.