Project-based Defect Engineer – SYJ

Project-based Defect Engineer enhances team productivity by enabling distributed system-on-a-chip design team members to share ideas, bug reports and engineering change information. Managers can instantly see the state of the whole design and fully understand the open issues.


The creation of complex electronic products is not an easy proposition: design sizes are growing rapidly while development cycles are shrinking; feature sizes are reduced, requiring many additional design and verification steps and iterations; and large teams spread across multiple cities, time zones and even companies are required to manage these projects. All of these factors increase the complexity of the development process and a single miscommunication can be costly, resulting in a huge loss in time and money. These challenges are met with a project-based issue management and collaboration product tailored to enhance engineering productivity by boosting collaboration at each stage in the design process.

Issues and other project collaboration information can be directly connected to vaulted design data. Team members can browse the design data and easily create and connect defects to the exact versions of the design objects affected. Design engineers are notified of issues that they are responsible for solving within the related design context. Team members can easily continue communication via email while the thread of discussion is captured and stored as part of the design record. New versions of design objects that correct the defect are also connected to the defect and are part of the history of the design.

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