On-the-Go – ONO

Leverage Benefits of Online Collaboration Even if Mobility Requires You to Disconnect

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform provide a single, online environment to handle sophisticated products design with maximum traceability and flexibility. This online environment enables robust content sharing, editing and greater collaborative experience with a high level of security. In some cases, users may need to work without any network access. With On-The-Go, users can continue working on their current content wherever their location and without access to the platform. It enables mobile employees to create, modify or review content offline. Mobility implies to extract locally content from the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform and to reserve it to avoid potential concurrent engineering conflicts.


Similar to email applications, some capabilities are deactivated when users are not connected to a network such as collaboration tools. Naturally, most of the authoring functionalities remain available, so users can keep on working on the go on their design or review. When users reconnect to their platform all capabilities become available again. All the work performed locally is saved back to the platform and made available to the various teams. On-The-Go helps companies to optimize product designs with potential traveling and network constraints, enabling engineers to pursue design activities in every circumstance. 


On-The-Go is available on premise and on cloud.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Enable mobility for collaborators and creators when working temporarily without an online connection
  • Preserve IP integrity when working remotely without network access
  • Insure IP protection when traveling with a continuous P&O access control
  • Support of local-changes saved in the enterprise environment seamlessly