Product and Specification Engineer – GLS

Economic and competitive pressures are causing companies to rapidly transition to a global product development, manufacturing and service business model.  This global business model requires seamless integration of global supply chains into the enterprise business processes with immediate and secure access to the latest product information.  Product and Specification Engineer empowers companies to manage their specification information as structured data, which results in intelligent information for better reuse to reduce costs and more granular change management to properly assess impact.



Product and Specification Engineer ensures that “a single version of the truth” is shared across the extended enterprise by defining and managing any kind of product specification including, but not limited to, formulations, raw materials, packaging components, and work instructions.  Administrator-designed specification templates provide standardization of information, while allowing for quick turnaround for changes in the specification format and content to address ever changing business needs.  Robust BOM management capabilities as a superset and logical extension to specification management are provided, allowing enterprises to combine specifications into logical material hierarchies that define product structure and maximize reuse of data.  The change management processes have been designed specifically to ensure all impacted stakeholders are kept informed and given an opportunity to review the specification before its release.

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