Engineering BOM Management – BOM

Confidently Collaborate Throughout the Enterprise on a Single Definition of Engineering Parts

Engineering BOM Management addresses key global product development challenges by eliminating the significant process and data communication barriers that exist between mechanical, electronics, and software engineering disciplines within the enterprise and the product supply chain. With Engineering BOM Management, companies can aggregate input from all design and business disciplines into a single enterprise-wide definition of engineering parts and bill-of-materials (EBOMs). All major business functions such as program management, product design, product engineering, component management, suppliers and supply chain management, compliance management, manufacturing, quality and service contribute to the global business attributes assigned to the engineering parts which are made available in a single global repository, resulting in improved innovation, decision making, quality, and process throughput.


Engineering BOM Management is available on premise and on cloud.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Engineering Bill-of-material (EBOM) authoring, navigation and reporting capabilities allow product engineers to quickly find and analyze relevant BOM structure and business information in order to make informed part development and re-use decisions
  • 3DEXPERIENCE® platform enables dynamic cross highlighting of EBOM parts and 3D design information
  • Designers and product engineers can discover and validate 3D design and EBOM business information at the same time
  • Engineering BOM Management enables users to perform classification and comprehensive evaluation of standard components by managing a library of Manufacturer and Supplier equivalent parts (MEPs and SEPs)
  • Approved Vendor List EBOM reports provide suppliers a view of the preferred components to use in manufacturing
  • Engineering BOM Management provides unified change process solution which governs the entire product lifecycle so the enterprise and supply chain can more quickly react to product issues, assess overall impact of change and follow consistent change request, authorization and implementation processes
  • Generate and download a “data package” of EBOM and related files connected to the parts in the EBOM
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities tailored to meet the needs of multiple functional areas such as change and BOM management
  • Multi-channel BOM compare report allows iteration of report criteria in one channel with dynamic report updates in another channel with resizing
  • 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables EBOM comparison with 3D cross-highlighting to visualize BOM differences
  • Mobile support for part view, navigation, change review, and task approval