Packaging Copy and Artwork Manager – CAP

Streamline Artwork Development While Leveraging More Parallel Input

Packaging Copy and Artwork Manager provides a holistic solution that allows consumer packaged goods companies to reduce artwork development costs and increase artwork quality by managing the development of their copy and artwork assets.



Managing the artwork process is a challenging endeavor given the many fast moving variations within product lines, global markets and varied and changing regulations.  Today many companies manage their copy as black boxes in Word documents or spreadsheets that are scattered around the company on network drives and individual computers.  When it is time to produce new artwork, no one is quite sure what the right version of copy and graphics is.  Often times they can’t even rely on what is currently in the market to be 100% accurate.

Packaging Copy and Artwork Manager helps companies innovate and improve global product development efficiency by incorporating the following best business practices:

  • Save time, improve product quality and re-use by managing artwork content as structured data, maintaining the connection between master copy and the local translations.
  • Support simultaneous product launch in multiple markets and improve consistency by managing artwork content in the context of the product hierarchy, between variants and across the product portfolio in advance of production.
  • Compress product development time by enabling supply chain and compliance processes in parallel to artwork design and development.
  • Optimize resource utilization with visibility to real-time status of all artwork assets — both artwork content and final artwork.

Increased speed to market, reduction in errors and consistency in brand messaging are all things a company can expect to achieve when utilizing Packaging Copy and Artwork Manager.

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