Collection Sourcing Manager – COO

Broaden Stakeholder Participation in Sourcing to Improve Global Sourcing Performance

Collection Sourcing Manager seamlessly connects global sourcing and production offices to brand and retail headquarters. It enables enhanced collaboration, process control, and risk management within the sourcing and pre-production processes. A broader user base from within and outside of the organization can now participate in the full sourcing process to ensure compliance with corporate growth, business, and financial goals within their global sourcing strategies.



Collection Sourcing Manager provides the planning, visibility and checking needed to manage sourcing in a global and competitive environment. Collection Sourcing Manager allows sourcing teams to manage the vendor base for materials and finished goods. It also allows sourcing teams to work with merchandising teams in understanding forecasted volumes, and creating a plan to source these products with their vendors. They continue to work with product development teams in sampling and costing materials and products, and eventually place products optimally across the supplier base, improving gross margins and markups. As products are placed, sourcing teams have the ability to check the allocation of placed products against the planned volumes assigned to each vendor. This allows visibility to over allocated vendors, as well as vendors that still have capacity available. These discrepancies can then be corrected by sourcing teams easily. Product volumes can be further allocated by channel, delivery and colorway. Sourcing teams can continue to monitor the delivery and use of bulk materials, as well as the timely production of products.


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