Packaging Assets Managers – BRM

Provide Visibility and Reuse of Brand Assets Without Losing Control of Them

Packaging Assets Manager enables companies to define their brand equity with libraries that promote reuse throughout product development. Because of minimal effort involved, the library’s definition can adapt quickly and easily to rapidly changing business needs.



Increasing business, product and process complexities affect operating margins and are driving companies to find business solutions which foster innovation and improve efficiencies. In many companies today, the complexity and rate at which new products need to be developed has already out-paced the rate at which many companies can produce them. Furthermore, the rate at which companies need to develop brand equity assets is expected to continue to grow faster than the current rate that they are improving their productivity.  Studies have shown that effective management of product content through enabling reuse can cut up to 70% off design time (source: “Reuse Impact on Time-to-Market,” University of Tennessee).

A key enabler of realizing the benefits of global product development best practices is establishing the infrastructure required to catalog, find, and manage the reusable data. An inefficient product content reuse system will diminish any potential savings that may be gained. Moreover, a system that does not fit the company’s business and data or is difficult to use, will not be effective even if it is implemented and the time spent creating data in the system will be lost.

Packaging Assets Manager enables companies to address a number of key business challenges when deploying a product content reuse system:

  • Accelerated product development and shortened time-to-market via reuse of design and product components and documentation
  • Increased reliability, higher quality and lowered cost through the reuse of previously validated brand equity
  • Improved collaboration by enabling users across the enterprise to find and add their own brand equity

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