BOM and DMR Management – BOR

Provides a “Living” DMR for Full Trace ability and Automated reporting

BOM and DMR Management is a perfect end-to-end enterprise BOM Management solution from “As Designed” through “As Built / As Maintained” BOM business process and facilitates other enterprise process such as Sourcing, Cost, and Compliance enabling part-reuse and optimizes production for all markets. All major business functions such as program management, product design, product engineering, component management, supply chain management, compliance management, manufacturing, quality and service are made available in a single global repository.  A single source of truth for all the global business attributes assigned to the engineering parts results in improved innovation, decision making, quality, and process throughput. The DMR is maintained throughout the product lifecycle, eliminating significant process and data communication barriers that exist in all organizations and playing the “catch up game” before market release.


 BOM and DMR Management is available on premise.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Consolidate part design and related technical document content from multiple engineering tools by providing a single definition of the EBOM
  • Increase product innovation through improved communication and collaboration with global development teams leveraging 3D visualization and electronic communication
  • Decrease time from design release to manufacturing readiness by implementing a solution that enables concurrent design
  • Reduce manufacturing costs by identifying and resolving manufacturability issues early in the development process
  • Perform comprehensive evaluation and selection of components while defining the EBOM
  • Consolidated management of all engineering and manufacturing BOM data and processes in one enterprise solution