Elysium CADfeature™

Feature-based digital design exchange, CAD remastering, and translation process control


CADfeature™ is a feature-based translation system that offers complete design-intent transfer with the scalability to address the needs of individual designers or globe-spanning enterprises. CADfeature™ is:

  • High-quality
  • Efficient
  • Fully automated



CADfeature™ lets you remaster part and assembly histories, parameters, dimensions, sketches, and constraints as well as relationships among features. CADfeature™ preserves the design intent of legacy and other source CAD files by transferring the full recipe used to define a model’s geometry. It even saves you time by identifying problem features in the source file before the translation process starts so that you can take corrective action in the native CAD system preemptively.


CADfeature provides a comprehensive framework for controlling your translation process. The framework:


  • Distributes files for remastering to multiple users
  • Verifies remastered design quality before re-submitting designs into your workflow
  • Issues released status reports
  • Supports batch, interactive, and web-based translations
  • Suppresses features, convert only geometry
  • Changes parameters of converted features
  • Integrates quality checking ensures geometry created in the target system matches the source system