Flexible and open environment

The Dymola environment uses the open Modelica modeling language which means that users are free to create their own model libraries or modify the ready made model libraries to better match users unique modeling and simulation needs. The flexibility of Dymola makes it a versatile tool which is perfect for modeling and simulation of new alternative designs and technologies.

Do you want to experience the power of Dymola and see what Dymola can do for your modeling and simulation needs? Download a full featured trial version of Dymola.

Dymola is the foundation technology for CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE® Dynamic Behavior Modeling, the Modelica development environment within CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE.

Multi-Engineering Modeling and Simulation

  • Powerful , easy to use, multi-discipline systems modeling and simulation
  • Validate control systems against integrated ‘plant’ models
  • Reduce the need for physical prototypes by using executable specifications
  • Improve final product quality by the early testing of more design alternatives
  • Easily  communicate and exchange models between different teams working on the same project
  • Open and extensible object-oriented Modelica modeling language


Dymola has unique multi-engineering capabilities which means that models can consist of components from many engineering domains. This allows for models of complete systems that better depict reality.

Libraries in many different engineering domains are available that contain components for mechanical, electrical, control, thermal, pneumatic, hydraulic, power train, thermodynamics, vehicle dynamics, air -conditioning, etc.

The Systems engineering capabilities of Dymola empower you to model and simulate any physical component that can be described by ordinary differential equations and algebraic equations.

Intuitive modeling

Dymola’s graphical editor and the multi-engineering libraries make modeling easy. The libraries include elements corresponding to physical devices which are simply dragged-and-dropped to build the model. Interactions between the components are conveniently described by graphical connections that model the physical coupling of the components. This means that models are intuitively organized the same way as the physical system is composed.

Open and flexible

The Dymola environment is completely open in contrast to many modeling tools that have a fixed set of component models and proprietary methods for introducing new components. Users of Dymola can easily introduce components that match the user’s own and unique needs. This can be done either from scratch or by using existing components as templates. The open and flexible structure makes Dymola an excellent tool to simulate new or alternative designs and technologies. Dymola is based on Modelica®, which is an object-oriented language for physical modeling developed by the Modelica Association.

Symbolic Manipulation

Dymola has unique and outstanding performance for solving differential algebraic equations (DAE). The key to high performance and robustness is symbolic manipulation which also handles algebraic loop and reduced degrees-of-freedom caused by constraints. These techniques together with special numerical solvers enable real-time Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulations (HILS).