Manufacturing Equipment Simulation – EQS

Program, Simulate and Validate Mechanical Device Behavior

Shop Floor Equipment Simulation Engineer enables programmers to simulate forward kinematic mechanical devices ranging from simple clamps to complex lift-assist mechanisms.


With Shop Floor Equipment Simulation Engineer, programmers can manage multiple devices, integrate them within the 3D workcell layout, and perform feasibility studies.  Each device is individually programmed with tasks that are sequenced and simulated to eliminate interference and arrive at optimal cycle times. The device and its behavior can be instantiated multiple times within a single workcell or across the entire factory.

Shop Floor Equipment Simulation Engineer benefits simulation engineers as they concurrently define tasks for various devices.  When they save their work, the device task details become available to other stakeholders throughout the enterprise, enriching process plans and factory simulations.

  • Program a device to perform tasks
  • Support advance logic in device programs
  • Modify resource structure definition

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