Manufacturing Assembly Instructions – AIN

Interactive 3D Assembly Feasibility Studies and Document Processes

Manufacturing Assembly Instructions gives product designers a simple-to-use simulation interface that lets non-expert simulation users conduct assembly feasibility analysis.  Designers can experience the manufacturing assembly structure to create, simulate, and re-order assembly trajectories during their analysis in an intuitive 3D environment.


Manufacturing Assembly Instructions lets design engineers evaluate and update designs with multiple stakeholders at any time in the product, process, and resource planning stages. Powerful, easy-to-use features detail and document any process from simple assembly prototyping to complex manufacturing or maintenance processes.  Textual instructions can easily be created to describe a job and how to do it.  Text can be complemented by other electronic documents and images.  Best practices for process execution instructions can be captured and stored in a catalog for use by other authors. Manufacturing Assembly Instructions supports delivery of work instructions to the shop floor through a manufacturing execution system, HTML, or printed material.

 Manufacturing Assembly Instructions is available on premise and on cloud.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Groundbreaking user experience
  • Find and correct design-for-assembly issues early in the product design cycle
  • Reduced effort and better quality for work instruction authoring
  • Configured work instructions that support complex product and process scenarions
  • Collaboration in 3D