Robot Arc Weld Programming – RAP

Create Arc-Welding Robot Workcells Offline with Program Import and Export Capability

Robot programmers can use Robot Arc Weld Programming  to create, program, simulate and validate an entire robot workcell before sending programs and setups to the shop floor. They can position resources, program individual robots, debug motion trajectories, and establish input and output connections between robot controllers and other devices

Robot Arc Weld Programming  sequencing tool enables users to create complete workcell logic by sequencing robot and device programs.  In this interactive 3D environment, Robot programmers can perform feasibility studies while creating optimized interference-free programs that execute robotic operations.  They can import or export production-ready programs to support offline development. Robot Arc Weld Programming includes an extensive library of robots and controllers for all major industrial robot manufacturers to support layout and programming.

Robot Arc Weld Programming  automatically generates welding tool trajectories based on the geometric design of the seam to be welded. For applications that require the highest degree of accuracy, it provides advanced workcell calibration capabilities that improve the accuracy of translated programs.

 Robot Arc Weld Programming is available on premise and on cloud.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Groundbreaking user experience
  • Fast, simple robotic workcell layout
  • Early discovery and resolution of design for Design for Manufacturing issues
  • Concurrent robot simulation
  • Improve collaboration between robot programmers and deisgners
  • Creation, simulation and validation of robot tasks in the manufacturing context
  • Greater productivity for programmers
  • Import, export, and customization of programs using V8.Net
  • Weld quality assurance
  • Delivery of validate, optimized robot programs to the shop floor
  • Native robot language teach experience
  • Alignment of virtual workcells with physical workcells