Automate Processes, Synchronize Operations

Further Automate Processes

DELMIA Apriso RFID allows manufacturers to take advantage of technologies such as RFID and barcode scanners to identify assets and parts, automate processes and synchronize manufacturing operations for IIoT, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Inventory, Just-in-Time production and other advanced practices.

With DELMIA Apriso RFID, track and trace genealogy of people, equipment, processes and materials throughout the production cycle, cost effectively providing unprecedented visibility into all operations.

Synchronize Manufacturing Operations

Extend automation beyond basic inventory control and tracking to all corners of manufacturing operations, reducing human error and ensuring that the right materials are delivered to the right place at the right time. DELMIA Apriso supports barcode and RFID scans as well as machine data collection for full automation of material and parts traceability.

Production, packaging, warehousing and shipping are all integrated and highly automated on site, where the system sends the appropriate instructions to the packaging lines and monitors the results of each step, directing the appropriate disposition of the packed goods while providing full traceability.

RFID key benefits:

  • Synchronize manufacturing operations
  • Achieve complete, interlocking resource traceability
  • Reduce human error

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