Reporting Analytics Platform

Fast Access to Operations Data

Globally Unified Data Warehouse

Manufacturing operations managers have come to rely on fast access to operations data in order to proactively address potential disruptions, quality events or equipment downtime. In today’s “big data” world, making sense of large volumes of “siloed” information complicates the ability to get the right data at the right time that is clean, accurate and visible. DELMIA Apriso Reporting Analytics Platform (RAP) is an enterprise solution that provides visibility into, control over and synchronization across global manufacturing operations.

Meaningful Reporting of Manufacturing Intelligence

RAP is a comprehensive data warehouse application that enables manufacturers to transform plant-level data into meaningful reports. RAP eliminates the complexities of building and maintaining a data warehouse, allowing users to focus on manufacturing intelligence to drive better decisions and business improvement. Whether simple reports or a complex analytics engine are required, RAP delivers the foundation for timely, accurate, effective reporting for all levels of management.

A key layer in the DELMIA Apriso application suite, RAP works with DELMIA Apriso Manufacturing Process Intelligence (MPI) to provide reporting and analytics tailored for manufacturing. MPI provides visibility across processes, delivering a complete picture of performance.

Reporting Analytics Platform key benefits:

  • Automatically handles data transformation
  • Use with third-party reporting tools
  • Out-of-the-box configurations

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