Process Builder

Accelerate Process Changes

Increase Flexibility to Change

Frequent product or design change and ongoing industry consolidations necessitate quick changes to standardized processes. DELMIA Apriso Process Builder enables easily-configurable business processes to simplify and accelerate process changes while ensuring high product quality and brand consistency.

DELMIA Apriso Process Builder—a key component of DELMIA’s broader Apriso solution for manufacturing operations management—utilizes a native Business Process Management (BPM) framework to author and manage manufacturing processes spanning production, warehouse, quality, maintenance, and labor operations.

Embrace Continuous Process Improvement

DELMIA Apriso Process Builder makes changing a process easy and quick, with a visual business logic designer and WYSIWYG user interface editor to rapidly redirect and adapt to changing business needs without coding or customization. Processes are used to dynamically create and dispatch tasks to the right operators, in the right locations, in the right time to fulfill incoming orders. Improvement ideas can be rapidly disseminated, assuring consistent use of new best practices.

DELMIA Apriso Process Builder gives manufacturers exactly the functionality they need to better manage and revise business processes through their entire lifecycle.

Process Builder key benefits:

  • Improved manufacturing agility
  • Greater manufacturing and IT collaboration
  • Lower IT overhead costs

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