Machine Integrator with IIOT Capability

Simplify Management of Equipment

Address Complexity of Dynamic Business Process

DELMIA Apriso Machine Integrator is an integral component of our solution for manufacturing operations management, providing a vital link to simplify management of the equipment layer.

By automating real-time data collection with a distributed, bi-directional machine or process control connectivity, DELMIA Apriso integrates your business processes with machinery using common industry protocols. Pulling machine behavior configuration out of the machine layer gives far greater flexibility, while a distributed, n-tiered architecture provides reliability, performance, and visibility into the functional and technical dimensions of your machine’s operations.

Enable IIoT, Optimize Machine Utilization

With DELMIA, your company is IIoT-enabled for plant and equipment connectivity. Machine Integrator drives increased performance, customer satisfaction, and responsiveness in real-time by connecting DELMIA Apriso applications with Edge Computing. In use with many manufacturers, OPC UA is a reliable approach to connecting factories to the world of IIoT.

Located outside the machine layer, DELMIA Apriso Machine Integrator is equipment agnostic, making it much easier to centrally administer and monitor across many locations. Built-in mechanisms deliver distributed configuration management, better reliability, and higher availability. By supporting standard communication protocols, OPC-certified Machine Integrator works with virtually every type of equipment system.

Machine Integrator with IIOT Capability key benefits:

  • Maintains adaptability of business processes
  • Enriches ERP
  • Delivers real-time production data visibility

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